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Puerto Maldonado is a small jungle town in the south of Peru, close to the Bolivian and Brazilian borders. It is also one of the main jungle destinations for foreign travellers to Peru, largely due to its easy accessibility from Cusco. For visitors wishing to experience some of the jungle, but only having a couple of days, the area around Puerto Maldonado is a good option. There are many jungle lodges in the area, and although the lodges closest to the city (those most appropriate for short stays) are far from virgin rainforest, they still offer a good opportunity to see some wildlife and jungle vegetation. Puerto Maldonado is also the entry point to the Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone, one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity in the world, including the world?s largest macaw clay lick.

Most travellers who visit this part of Peru do not stop in Puerto Maldonado, going straight to a jungle lodge. The town is, in fact, rather ugly, although it has an interesting frontier town feel about it. Many of the streets are unpaved, and it gets very muddy in the rainy season. - the most comprehensive travel guide to Peru available on the Internet.

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