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Pucallpa is the only one of the low jungle cities that is easily accessibly by road, which probably explains why it has become the fastest growing city in Peru. Many people have moved to the city from the highlands, taking advantage of what they perceive to be a highly fertile area, although this mass migration has generally resulted in many shantytowns growing up on the edge of Pucallpa. The city is incredibly noisy, with mototaxis zooming around. However, activity completely stops at lunchtime, and everybody takes a siesta. The city is probably the most commercial of all the jungle towns in Peru, and there is much logging activity, some illegal.

Pucallpa receives far fewer visitors than Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado, and there are far fewer jungle tours offered here than from either of the other cities. However, the area around Pucallpa offers a good opportunity to visit native Indian communities, which are generally far more authentic than those on show in Iquitos, and nearby Yarinacocha is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Peruvian jungle. It is also possible to see wildlife in the area, including river dolphins in Yarinacocha, as well as monkeys and sloths. - the most comprehensive travel guide to Peru available on the Internet.

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