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Air connections

There is a small airport outside of Ayacucho, and there are regular flights to Lima with Star-Up. AeroContinente has had flights to Lima in the past and has an office at Jr. 9 de diciembre 160.

Bus connections


There is a good, paved road to Lima via Pisco, and the journey takes about 9 hours. Cruz del Sur (Mariscal Cáceres 1264) has a special service at 9.30pm for $15. Ormeño (Jr. Libertad 257) has regular services at 7.30am and 10am for $7 and a special service at 9pm for $12. Civa (Mariscal Cáceres 1242) has a special service at 9.30pm for $12. Expreso Molina Unión (9 de diciembre 458) has regular buses at 8am, 8.30am, 8pm, 9pm, 9.15pm and 9.30pm for $8 and special services at 10pm and 10.15pm for $12. Transportes Nacional (Mariscal Cáceres 884) has a regular service at 7.30am for $7 and a special service, for $12 at 9pm. Turismo Libertadores (Manco Capac 295) has a bus at 9.30pm for $7. Transportes Antezana (Manco Capac 237) has buses at 7.30pm, 9pm and 9.30pm for $6.

Pisco and Ica

All buses to Lima pass within 10km of Pisco, although they do not enter. Ask the driver to let you off at the crossing, from where there is transport to Pisco itself. From the crossing, it is easy to catch a passing bus south towards Ica. Ormeño (Jr. Libertad 257) has a direct service to Ica at 9.30pm for $6, taking about seven hours.


The unpaved road to Huancayo is in poor condition, and it is not a good idea to make this journey in the rainy season when it becomes dangerous. The journey takes around 10 hours, including lunch stops. The views on the journey are very beautiful, and are best sitting on the left-hand side of the bus. The best company is Expreso Molina Unión (9 de diciembre 458), which has buses at 7am, 8pm and 9pm for $6.


There are few direct buses from Ayacucho to Huancavelica, a journey that takes about 9 hours on a rough road. Transportes Nacional (Mariscal Cáceres 884) has a bus three times a week at 6am for $6.

Andahuaylas and Cusco

The road to Andahuaylas and on to Cusco is not in good condition, and the journey is long and rough, although it is beautiful. The trip to Andahuaylas takes about 12 hours and costs $6, and from there it is easy to catch another bus to Cusco, a further 10 hours. Some buses go from Ayacucho to Cusco, taking around 24 hours including stops, and cost $12. However, a break in Andahuaylas is recommended. Expreso Wari has a bus to Andahuaylas at 5am for $6. Transportes Nacional (Mariscal Cáceres 884) also has a bus to Cusco at 5am. Transportes Los Chancas (Mariscal Cáceres 921) has buses to Cusco at 6am and 7pm.


Colectivos to Huanta take about 1 hour and charge $1.50. They leave when full from Avelino Cáceres. Alternatively, buses to Huancayo pass through Huanta, and charge $0.50.

Wari/La Quinua

Combis to La Quinua leave from Avelino Cáceres every thirty minutes, charging $0.70 for the 40-minute journey. The combis pass the ruins of Wari, and will drop you off if asked. From Wari, it is possible to catch passing combis to La Quinua and Ayacucho.


Transportes Intihuatana (Mariscal Castilla 184) has hourly combis to Vischongo and Vilcashuamán from 3am to 5pm. The journey to Vischongo takes 3 hours and costs $2.50. The journey to Vilcashuamán takes about 45 minutes more and costs $3.

San Francisco/Tambo

Combis to San Francisco leave from Avelino Cáceres when full, every one to two hours, and charge $6. The journey takes an uncomfortable seven hours on an unpaved road. There are several companies, all leaving from around Avelino Cáceres, so check to see which combi is fullest to catch the first one leaving. Combis to San Francisco pass Tambo after 2½ hours, and charge $1.50 for the journey. - the most comprehensive travel guide to Peru available on the Internet.

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